We offer and sell only the best quality products, services, and support compared to available in the market. We are proud of our products, services, and support and continuously improve and upgrade the quality of products, services, and support matching Global and ISO Standards. If you are not satisfied anytime we will consider your refund requests.

This is a National, International, and Global Agreement. You agree to all our following legal, terms, conditions, policies, and agreements. Kindly take a note and go through each of them. All terms, conditions, policies are not limited to herein and may add, edit, change or modify anytime without prior notice. Terms not mentioned or missing here or anywhere on the websites are also applicable. These terms are applicable for vishalkumar.com business and domains and it’s any business and subdomains and any other business and domains owned by vishalkumar.com and its owners and /or else (decided by us). If you are not clear and/or else you must raise a support ticket and request for a copy and/or else. We may provide or do not provide a copy of our decisions. Please do not copy or download these or any terms and/or else without our written concerns it will be taken as a violation of our terms and penalized. It will be taken as a violation of our terms and there will be a minimum penalty of Rs. 25,00000.00 (Indian Twenty Five Laks Rupees). All downloads are tracked on the backend. These terms, disclaimers and/or else herein / therein / else, are not just limited to products, services, support, email communication, verbal communication, official, unofficial, personal communication, WhatsApp communication, social media or else communication and contents and information and are applicable for any type of products, services, support, communications, contents, information and/or else as may be applicable time to time.

You must not use any products, services, support, communication, contents, information, and/or else other than its intent violating so would be considered a violation of our terms and there would be a Minimum Penalty of Indian Rs. 25,00000.00 (Indian Twenty Five Lacks Rupees) is additionally minimum of Five years of Jail may also be applicable. Using any communication, contents, information against us for a lawsuit, blackmailing, and/or else purpose and/or else will be taken as violation of our terms and penalties as defined on this page or our website will be applicable. You must treat all our information, communication, contents, and/or else strictly confidential and must not disclose, share, and/or else in any type and form and anywhere and/or else, otherwise, it will be taken as a violation of our terms and penalties defined herein or therein will be applicable. Our minimum Penalty in any or all cases is Minimum Indian Rs. 25,00000.00 and Minimum Five Years Jail. There are no maximum limits. This is applicable for all or any case with us. vishalalim@yahoo.com and @vishalkumar.com are only our official email addresses for communication.

These terms and/or else, not limited to herein, therein, and/or else terms (irrespective of their title and label) are of vishalkumar.com, A-104 Vishwamtra property Owners, members, and/or else as may be by directions from us and owners (with no and zero liability of damage or loss and/or else). If you have any verbal and/or else agreements with us it is at your own risks and consequences and 100% your (decided by vishalkumar.com) legal or else liabilities.

Irrespective of any terms, law, and/or else applicable. Our minimum penalty and/or else are irrespective of results of dispute and/or else. You, whosoever you are, any authority, role, title, and position and/or else, no personal visit to the office or home or allowed and if it’s really required you must take an official appointment in written and bring your valid identity and proof to avoid legal or else hassle and/or else. Visiting personally without our approval and/or else will be taken as a violation of terms and penalized. Your visit to our office or home is at your liability, risk, and consequences.

Our terms and/or else may be contradictory and/or else you must remain bound ( with sole rights to us and shall be decided by us) and as stated earlier ask for any clarifications, copy, and/or else.

If we have helped or supported, feedback and/or else to you and/or else, in any type and form, going out of the way, emotionally, goodwill gesture or you requested for help or support from us, and/or else, it is 100% at your risk and consequences. There may be miscommunication or communication gap, typo, human error, and/or else but terms and you whosoever remain bound. Our website may be down or inaccessible and/or else, we shall not be liable and this does not impact otherwise. If we have agreed to your any terms, agreements, and/or else in any type and form, and/or else, all stand null and void, and/or else, irrespective of any applicable terms, conditions, policies, and/or else from our or your and/or else end. You can not withdraw or reject our terms and/or else.

If you have made any false /else allegations and/or else it will be considered as a violation of our terms and penalized. You must always report the dispute and/or else first to us and go through three levels of support framework to get resolution. If you have bypassed us and/or else we shall not be liable and anything or everything from your end stand null and void. Additionally, you should be penalized for such actions. If you have read our terms and visited our website or not, or had a copy or not, you remain bound and may be penalized.

If we have used your website, app and/or else registered, signup and/or else using any details and/or else, it’s at your own risks and consequences and we shall not be liable and responsible for and in any type and form. We shall not be liable and/or else.

Some people, entities, and/or else may misuse our brand / else name to threaten, fraud, and/or else to you, you should contact us if anyone claiming, we do not have any other location, agency, and/or else. Please contact us if anyone claiming our name or using our name and references and/or else. We do not ask for cash, bank details, and/or else confidential details. Please do not pay anyone cash and/or else payments and do not disclose any confidential information without confirming with us. Our contact details are given on the contact page. We shall not be liable and/or else.

These terms and/or else are applicable from our ancestors’ time (infinite) and remain applicable forever (infinite) in any type of form online, offline and/or else.

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