Refund Policy

Hosting packages have a refund policy of 30-day money back. All / Any Orders with any promotions or offers are non-refundable. Domain name registration, renewal, transfer, SSL, Weebly, and any third-party products and services orders are non-refundable. Onetime fee, setup fee, or any such charges are non-refundable. Orders with any offers or discounts won’t be eligible for refunds. Refunds only on the hosting package. In case of cancellation, downgrade or else, you decide to move, if we have provided a free domain, SSL, or any free products or services, the customer has to pay registration, renewal, or transfer domain fee, SSL fee, or as may be applicable price fee for that product or service. Domain Registration, Transfer, Renew or else, Website Design, Development, WordPress or else, SSL Certificates, Weebly Products, SEO, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Business Solutions and Services, and any other product or services except hosting once paid are non-refundable. Hosting has a max 30-day money-back guarantee. We do not warrant and guarantee information, features, specifications, contents of products, services, support, packages, offers are accurate. Upon successful receipt of your order, the products and services will be performed to you under the terms applicable to the products and services that you purchased. Irrespectively of any applicable terms, policies, agreements, laws, and/or else, there will be no refunds provided once the order is successfully placed. We shall not be accountable and liable for any technical issues or transaction issues due to third-party failures such as banks and online payment getaways. However, the case on a case basis we do make refunds. You must always submit your refund request on our website. We will review your refund request, reply to you and do needful as and if applicable. While we make refunds, we may partially or fully refund. We may deduct the reasonable applicable charges for the products & services used and any third-party charges applicable with transaction fees and any other charges. Refunds requests may take up to 3 months to review and process. This term is applicable irrespective of any other terms mentioned in the products and services described or else on other pages of the website. Any decisions made by us shall stand final. To raise a refund case please go to the support area and create a refund request ticket.

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